Tolerance in action

California Catholic Daily - “Coffee in his face”: "Mr. Charles Sulzen stood by the curbside offering fliers to passersby when suddenly a SUV pulled up and flung a Starbucks mocha coffee in his face and sped away shouting obscenities."

"No sooner had I finished speaking when she exploded with rage. She shouted, gesticulated in an obscene manner, screamed, and yelled."

"She started walking away backwards, facing us, and continued to scream vulgarities without control or restraint. Mr. Kenneth Murphy thought it would be a good idea to film the incident for the record. Well, she came charging back towards us, almost running. "Give me the tape!" she demanded. "You're going to jail. I am going to sue you. Give me the tape." She then attempted to strike Mr. Murphy, who moved back as she landed a harsh blow against his video camera. The blow was violent. It disabled the settings on the camera.

As before, she walked away backwards, cursing and swearing with rage."

Remember this when someone tells you that Liberals are tolerant and open minded. They welcome debate and the only way to fight "hate" speech is with "more speech". I guess screaming vulgarities counts as speech but I'm pretty sure "free speech" doesn't include a Vente Mocha to the face.


AJ Lynch said…
The one comment "when you splash holy water on the devil what do you expect" was good.

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