Sorry Joe

Our new Bishop uses that old Catholic judo of "gentile persuasion".

Catholic Diocese of Wilmington - News Listing -: "It is my intention to build a supportive and trusting friendship with Senator Biden and as many public officials as I can. I will do my best, with your prayers, to assist him and all public officials as well as all citizens in our Diocese and beyond to understand how crucial the sanctity of human life is to a just society in the State of Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and our entire nation.

Most Reverend W. Francis Malooly, D.D.
Bishop of Wilmington"

Since he's newly installed it's very unlikely he's going to issue anything stronger than that especially with an election looming. It is interesting that he's reaffirming the USCCB statement rather than issuing his own.


Paul Smith Jr. said…
"gentile persuasion": I found that typo very funny.

I have a post working in my head on this very topic, sparked by your comments at my blog this morning. No idea when it will go up, I was away from my PC much of the day and am stillmcatching up.

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