The not-insane DE Democrat on Palin

Ever need a dose of sanity from across the aisle? I do. Lots of it. When I do, I head over to Kavips. This latest again fails to disappoint:

The Unoffical Opinion of One Sarah Palin

He (yes, he's finally outed himself as he) takes a sober, rational look at the VP candidate. He sees in her what the Republican base is seeing. An honest, small town person. I think the voters see that. She a mom, a wife and a politician in that order.

The Loony Left is going so far as to predict when Palin will drop out as she is the worstest VP choice EVAR!!!!1!!!1!!

The fish can't see the water. They are so far from the center they cannot possibly see that the woman brings a lot of energy to the base. Her appeal is far broader than they think it is and she may have stirred the leviathan of GOP faithful. There are 60 odd days to go and I suspect the right is going to see a dramatic influx in donations and volunteerism.

The race is undeniably tight. Will it remain so? Hard to say. I suspect Palin will give McCain a bigger bump than Obama's short lived 4 pointer.

The election may well turn on the debates. Obama is very good when he's on the prompter but when he's unscripted the "ums" and "ahs" come out and he over extends himself. McCain has been on the Sunday talk shows for ages so it's familiar ground for him. Palin delivered he acceptance speech on the fly which is why Paglia is getting the vapors.


Anonymous said…
I'm still pondering the profundity of "the fish can't see the water".

Whoa, Dude. That's one heavy line.

Because you know.... they can't....
They see what's in the water...

(I should mention that I'm taking your line and applying it to intra dimensional space, one of my hobbies which i research just for fun.)

Sorry, I'm a science geek. I know...
Duffy said…
Thanks Kavips but I make no claim to the phrase. I heard it somewhere a long time ago and don't know it's origin. I thought it was pretty widely known but I guess not.

Never apologize for being a geek. They're building the future.

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