I KNEW I recognized him from somewhere



Mike W. said…
Haha. The resemblance is uncanny!
Perfect ! But, good heavens, to be in the public eye 24/7...I mean, don't you sometimes have an itch you have to scratch? The next thing you know, your "itch" is on youtube.

God forbid you pick your nose.

In this picture, Biden almost looks like he is saying, "Moose...Schmoose ! Any piece of meat Palin kills I can cover on my Diners' Club card in a nanosecond !
Paul Smith Jr. said…
I just assumed that Biden picture was photoshopped.
Duffy said…
If it was photoshopped it wasn't by me.
Paul Smith Jr. said…
Didn't mean to imply it was. I'd seen that picture elsewhere prior to you posting it.

If it's not Photoshopped, I would assume that Biden was fooling around for the camera.

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