Fun at the grocery store

I hate shopping. (Wow Duffy, brave, bold stance there. The rest of us love it.) I know but since I have 627 kids, I practically live there. Last night, I had to stop in for a few things. I get to the deli and place my order. The guy is new and decidedly more upbeat than the typical deli worker. Some chit chat and a nearly completed order when a lady with two kids in two walks over. There is no one, not a patron nor another employee anywhere nearby. I literally could not see another person except myself and the deli guy.

"Do I have to take a number?"
"Of course." He's smiling but she doesn't get it. She takes a number and he looks at me and laughs.
"I hope I don't have to wait this long" she says dejected.
"What number do you have?" he asks as he handing me the last of my order.
The board say "13".
Deli guy starts: "13? 13? 14? 14? 15..."
The woman sighs and rolls her eyes. I have to turn away to keep from laughing. I walked away and I can still hear him counting.

I'll have to coordinate my trips to the deli with his shift.


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