The Bush Doctrine Question

Saw most of the interview last night. I found to be a "gotcha" interview. Gibson did his level best to be cold, detached and nearly hostile. He got the first bite at the apple and was determined to be the one to score the first point on her. The Left is having a field day because they believe she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine is. She asked him to clarify exactly which part of the doctrine he was referring to. Asking vague questions he was hoping she would falter.

Gibson tried this on Obama earlier and Media Matters had a fit:

Media Matters - During NH debate, ABC's Gibson characterized Obama's Pakistan position as "essentially the Bush doctrine," ignoring Bush contradictions: "Gibson was claiming that there is in fact a clear Bush doctrine on the question of whether the U.S. would strike Al Qaeda in Pakistan regardless of the sovereignty of Pakistan. Bush and administration officials have in fact made inconsistent statements on this issue."


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