50 questions for 50 days answered

50 questions for 50 days

1. Can Obama be new again?


2. Do voters care what FactCheck.org thinks?


3. Does Palin continue to draw better than McCain?

More than likely

4. How many solo rallies do McCain-Palin hold and where are they?

Am I supposed to predict the future on this one? Ask the campaign managers.

5. Can Sarah Palin look as engaged as Joe Biden in the debate and can Joe Biden not look condescending to Sarah Palin?

Yes and no respectively.

6. What happens when Palin asks for a second debate with Biden?

Biden says "Absolutely". His handlers put their heads in their hands and weep.

7. Will 100 million people tune into first debate?

Yes. Many of them will be Americans. Some will even vote in November.

8. Will the four debates collectively top 250 million viewers?

Only if you call it American Idol Presidential Edition in TV Guide.

9. Does McCain go the next two months without any health scares?


10. How credible is the Clintons' support?

Not very to anyone who has either been watching or thinking.

11. Will McCain directly take on a current or former Bush administration official in an ad?

Only if he thinks he's losing

12. Does bin Laden stay silent?

He'll release some audio tape or another. Nothing that can be authenticated. More importantly: no bombs or video.

13. Does the Dow drop below 10,000?

Yes but it goes back up again.

14. Does oil drop below $100 a barrel?

Already has.

15. Who at the top of the GOP ticket is on the minds of independent voters and moderate Republicans, Sarah Palin or John McCain?


16. Do voters care about how often candidates talk to the media?

Not really. The media certainly cares.

17. Can John McCain get less Hispanic votes than George Bush and still win the election?

Yes by getting more women.

18. How much do average voters dislike 'lobbyists' and can Obama succeed by linking the term with McCain's campaign?

They dislike them in the abstract and Obama has no room to maneuver when it comes to lobbyists.

19. When does McCain start talking about working with a Dem Congress?

During his inaugural speech.

20. Does Palin endorse Ted Stevens for re-election?


21. Obama organized for Democratic caucuses in four battleground states: Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, and Nevada. Will his preexisting infrastructures there help him? Can he sweep all four?

He takes Nevada and Minnesota. The other two will be razor thin no matter how they go.

22. Will youth and black turnout meet, exceed, or fall short of expectations?

Fall short.

23. Will Biden make The Game-Changing Gaffe that we're all supposedly waiting for or or not?

For Democrats? No. For independents? Yes unless he's struck mute between now and November

24. When will we see a Jeremiah Wright ad? And who makes it?

527's probably have them locked and loaded.

25. Can issues matter in a 24/7 cable news enviro? (sic)

Yes but they matter for a shorter amount of time. After which they've been beaten to death and we all move on.

26. Will Bush admin catch bin laden before Nov. 5?


27. How many people will vote for Mark Warner and John McCain in Virginia?

Enough to tip the scales

28. Will Florida be close enough for Obama to make McCain spend real money there? Or North Carolina or Montana for that matter?

No, no and no.

29. How good really will that Obama ground game prove to be?

They're already regretting the 50 state strategy

30. Can Obama win this election by winning big among blacks, Hispanics, young voters, and intellectual elites but lose blue-collar whites, Catholics and married women?

No. He's losing women and Catholics. Young voters are unreliable.

31. Will Obama lose 70% of the late deciders?

Probably not that high but he's losing them now.

32. Does Obama have so much money that he doesn't have to pull out of any state even if he stops visiting some of those states?

No. They're already cutting off Girl Scouts from free bumper stickers.

33. Will Obama win the absentee ballot vote?

Maybe but it won't matter.

34. Will the revitalized GOP chances mean more money for Chris Lacivita to do his anti-Obama indie thing?

I plead ignorance on this one

35. Did Obama cut off his nose to spite his face on third party groups? Didn't you used to be MoveOn?

No. He's been very quiet on the poo flinging by Kos et al.

36. Will the debates decide the election and if so, then what's the final two weeks post-October 15 going to be about?

It will be about waiting to vote. The pundits will yammer themselves into a lather in the interim.

37. Can McCain win the election and lose the economy issue?

What the hell does that mean?

38. Will Obama play the age card in paid TV ads? And if he does, will the media criticize him for it as harshly as they would if the race card were played against Obama?

No and no. Florida is watching and they don't like age jokes.

39. Has anyone seen any data out of that Omaha congressional district?


40. Will Bill Clinton stay on message when he is deployed, where will he be deployed and how much will he help Obama?

No, he never stays on message even when he's stumping for Hillary. He'll do as little as possible to keep up appearances.

41. Can Obama stay on message?


On offense?


Or will his rivals keep him on defense?


For instance, with distractions?

They don't need distractions, they'll use issues.

42. Can Obama lose more news cycles between now and Election Day and still win?


43. How many newly registered voters will ultimately show up at the polls?

You're asking the impossible.

44. Will the sniping tone of the race end up increasing the negatives for both candidates? Who will be hurt more?

Obama. He is a humorless scold and people are catching on.

45. Will Palin sit down for five or more non-fox interviews?


46. Does Pres. Bush have an October surprise up his sleeve that ends up cutting both ways in the campaign?

No. He's going to sit this one out.

47. How many Republican Congressional candidates start running against Obama? And vice versa?

Depends on who is tanking.

48. How many congressional candidates will praise the opposing party's ticket in paid TV ads?

The smart Democrats will.

49. Will Dems touch Keating Five?


50. Did we really come up with 50 questions without mentioning the word Iraq?

No. See #50


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