Biden's Catholic Credentials

Biden's Bishop Will not Permit Him, Even if Elected VP, to Speak at Catholic Schools: "Biden's Bishop will not permit the Senator even if elected Vice President of the United States of America to speak at Catholic schools."

Biden and Pelosi have unwisely been playing the Catholic Card in hopes of drawing more voters. The unintended consequence is that you now have Bishops publicly criticizing them for their positions.

Pelosi was admonished by Archbishop Wuerl, Archbishop Chaput, UCCSB and Cardinal Egan. Rather than acknowledging her error, or at least, dissention from Catholic doctrine, she fired back intimating that the matter is somehow not settled and cited St. Augustine. That's all well and good but she misread Augustine entirely. Augustine was absolutely opposed to abortion and contraception. When the matter of days arises, he's speaking about temporal punishment for abortion. According to Exodus 21:22-23 the distinction is made between a "formed" and "unformed" fetus. That is, before 40 days for males and before 90 days for females that was not considered murder. After that it was. This is not to say that it makes abortion moral or even legal. Rather it is about the appropriate punishment in temporal law. She piles ignorance on top of arrogance.

Biden was certainly picked to appeal to working class Catholics. (Having lived in Delaware for some time now I find that notion rather amusing.) Mr. Big Pharma/Big Banking/Political Dynasty Family/Country Club/Massive House In Tawny Neighborhood and somehow Regular Guy.

Bishop Saltarelli is reminding Joe that he's persona non grata at the his alma mater so don't bother asking. If he thinks Bishop Malooly is going to change this tune come September, he's dreaming.

For all the agreement Democrats have with the Magisterium on social justice, poverty, and immigration, they lose the whole lot by supporting abortion. This puts them in a bind. How do the shore up their Catholic credentials when these pesky Bishops keep correcting them? Simple. They position themselves as faithful, yet in disagreement on two teensy little issues; birth control and abortion. This is actually going to garner support from liberal Catholics. However, public spats are a risky affair. There's a tipping point at which some might see Pelosi and Biden not as principled dissenters but as arrogant and obdurate.


Paul Smith Jr. said…
I'm convinced that having a pro-abortion Catholic on a national ticket hurts the Democratic candidate since it virtually forces the Bishops to respond which draws headlines and negative coverage. I think a pro-abortion Protestant wouldn't have the same effect.

While Catholics do bitch about the hierarchy, there are plenty who still listen to them enough that it can make a difference.
Duffy said…
I think there are some that do listen and a great many that are on the fence. Pelosi lost the fence sitters by firing back instead of letting it die.
Don't forget the Southern Baptist Convention seriously talked about excommunicating Bill Clinton's entire church when he ran for president the first time for not taking him to task on it, but decided against punishing the whole over the inaction of a few to discipline just one.

An affiliation group that is joined by common missionary causes and pooled funds has little clout in these matters as opposed to a hierarchy.

He never fooled anyone is all.

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