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Dick Morris declares; "Wright's Rantings Won't Sink Obama" Which can mean only one thing: Wright's Rantings will sink Obama.

Best quote on DC vs. Heller:

"Although I enjoy making sport of the Justices as much as anyone, the question of whether the 2nd Amendment protects an individual right, including a right to self defense, is not that difficult, at least to me. The framers of the 14th amendment assumed that it was one of the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. And if a right is a privilege or immunity of citizens of the United States, it hard for me to conclude that it does not bind the United States as well as the individual states.

Now, as a unreconstructed liberal (I'll show you pictures of my bleeding heart), I don't particularly like this result. But it follows sufficiently strongly from other commitments I have about the Constitution that I must accept it.

Global Warmening (TM) is real. Except for the part about the Earth heating up apparently.

These diving instruments suggest that the oceans have not warmed up at all over the past four or five years. That could mean global warming has taken a breather. Or it could mean scientists aren't quite understanding what their robots are telling them.

Since the system was fully deployed in 2003, it has recorded no warming of the global oceans.

"There has been a very slight cooling, but not anything really significant," Willis says. So the buildup of heat on Earth may be on a brief hiatus. "Global warming doesn't mean every year will be warmer than the last. And it may be that we are in a period of less rapid warming."

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Don't confuse exposure to and experience with.

My father was a civil engineer. I was exposed to civil engineering for many years. I visited job sites, worked at some of them, saw plans and Gant charts from the time I was a boy. Does that mean I have any experience as an engineer? Flatly, no.


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