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What he said. H/T: Tim Blair

Tax records? Pffft. Don Surber has a much better list. Sadly, not one of those items will ever see the light of day.

Teachers stage mock gun attack in school telling them it was not a drill. The principal declined to say whether they would face disciplinary action. If I were a parent of those children and staged a "mock gun attack" on the teachers in reprisal I would be, you know, arrested.

Iran's leading lunatic heads anti-American rally in Dubai. Telling them: "America was to blame for creating instability and robbing the region of its wealth." (nb: quoting the article, not the head lunatic). If we're robbing the region, we're doing a very poor job of it.

Alternate universes everywhere? One scientist thinks so. "I probably shouldn't speculate, but observational cosmologists have spotted signs of a strange alignment in the CMB that could be compatible with this picture," says Aguirre." Gah! Someone get Hawking on the phone!

Imagine you get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. You aren't worried, you haven't been drinking. To your relief, you blow a 0.0 on the breathalyzer and get arrested anyway. Abuse of state power anyone?

Is a Montossori education as an extention of Catholic faith? Something I hadn't considered but interesting reading.

How each brain is different and why that matters. Imagery analysis and neurology and neuropathy is something I think will increase dramatically in the near future.

Waste of space kills cop, local hero takes dead officer's weapon and kills bad guy. Steyn sums it up thusly:

What's slightly unnerving is the assumptions underpinning the Bostonian reporters' opening paragraph - that somehow a quick-witted citizen-hero is the guy who has some splainin' to do...Rather than talking about "not pressing charges", the state of New Hampshire ought to be thanking him for his bravery and improvisation."

Taliban chief's death a big U.S. victory
The AP editor must have been squealing in pain when he let that headline through.

Ignoring political correctness saves lives...again.

Major James Grant is one brave man. They don't mention his unit but that is a SF tab on his shoulder.

h/t: Villainous Company

Keep your mouth shut or suffer the wrath of legal thuggery. Good for this blogger for standing up to this crap.

People say that since Bush has become President free speech is in danger. Here's a guy who couldn't agree more and another guy here.

How Wolfowitz was marched into a trap against his own wishes. Sadly, this is the state of the world in a 24 news cycle. It doesn't matter what the truth is, it matters what you can get in the papers in beginning. Many scandals aren't scandals at all. They're cheap political smears designed to do damage, not help anyone or any thing.

The Governor Party vs. The Senator Party. Medved's view of Republicans is a rather dated one but his point has merit. I think the differences in approach has much to do with each party's view of individualism vs. collectivism.

Steyn: The door to fortress America is open

"or serious nations, even not taking sides is seen as, in effect, taking sides."

"But then Mohammed Atta and the 9/11 gang would have seemed pretty funny if you'd run into them in that lap-dance club they went to before the big day where the girls remembered them only as very small tippers. Most terrorists are jokes until the bomb goes off."

Indeed. Richard Reid was laughed at because his feet sweat and ruined his bomb. Had they not or had he used a waterproof fuse, we wouldn't be laughing. I can imagine the headlines if the 9/11 guys were rounded up on the night of 9/10. Naysayers would have scoffed at the idea of taking over a plane with a razor blade embedded in a toothbrush. Absurd!

The dream that never was:

This never-ending fantasy of an Islamic Khilafa is deep rooted and difficult to cure. Even the fact that we already have some Islamic governments in control of some Islamic countries is not good enough to bring Muslims back to the world of reality. When you point to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Sudan, which all have been turned into icons of corruption and backwardness by their Islamic governments, they say that is not proper implementation of Islam. When you remind them with the deposed Taliban regime of Afghanistan that implemented pure Islamic teachings regardless of any other influence, they say that was too strict to fit our time!

Despite the authors overuse of exclamation points, the article is worth reading. Given that most Westerners (myself among them) know absolutely nothing about Islamic history it's worth your time.

Green-Standing: To brag about one's environmental correctness. To upbraid those who are not as concerned about matters ecological as you are.

Obama's green-standing rings a bit hollow.

How errors harden into facts
. This is related to the above item about scandal. What matters is the eyeball grabbing headline and the attention that goes with it. Factual accuracy and analysis isn't important. Get there first and worry about corrections later. Bury them deep in the paper so they don't get noticed.

The tangled web of Islamic radicalism gets more convoluted. We (myself included) tend to think of Islamic radicals and anti-Coalition forces as being one or two monolithic entities. The reality is much messier and borders on inscrutible (at least from here).

Don't hurt my feelings or you'll get fired. If a paper ran factual accounts of the perfidity of the worst Popes in history or the horrors committed during the Crusades I'd be in no position to complain. The most I could ask for would be space for rebuttal.

A look at Sarko's potential game plan. I liked the idea of circumventing the students by taking on the issue while they're vacationing. Political genius.


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