Sometimes I just shake my head

Manager came up to my desk today. Conversation follows:

Manager: Hey Duffy, I'm having trouble with a particular folder. Reports are not returning data properly. Who do I see about that?

Duffy: Me, I'm the admin. Let's take a look, which folder and report?

Manager: Oh, you don't have access to that folder. The stuff in there is very sensitive.

Duffy: (blank stare, trying to see if he's joking)

Manager: (blank stare, shifts weight nervously)

Duffy: (realizes he's no joking) Uh, as the administrator, I have access to everything.

Manager: No, you don't. This folder is protected.

Duffy: Let me show you. (logs into folder in question)

Manager: (with Surprise and Alarm!) That's not good. That's in violation of security policy! How did you get access to that?

Duffy: How can I administer a system if I don't have access to it.

Manager:'s a violation of policy.

Duffy: ....

Manager: You can't see the data though, right?

Duffy: Yes, I can. How else can I trouble shoot data errors?

Manager: Oh boy, this is not good. I have to talk to (Senior Manager), he's not going to be happy.

Duffy: OK. In the meantime, do you want me to take a look at this?

Manager: No, we have to get your access to that data revoked.

Duffy: Oh. Uh, OK. Let me know what (Senior Manager) says.

Manager leaves dialing furiously on Blackberry.

(11 minutes later)

Senior Manager: Duffy, why must you torment my managers?

Duffy: Seriously, I'm not. I tried to explain this to him but he just wasn't getting it so I gave up.

SM: Bullshit. You *knew* he was going to freak out and you got him all worked up.

(Side note: I honestly didn't. This guy is particularly excitable and clueless. A very dangerous combination)

Duffy: OK, well....

SM: Just fix it, OK?

Duffy: Will do.

(6 minutes later)

Manager: (sheepishly) So...uh...if you could take a look at that and let me know..

Duffy: Sure. No problem.


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