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I currently have a Dell 3K series w/ a 70 Gig drive which is almost full. I'm going to add a second hard drive exclusively for data. Then I'd like to create a logical partition on C: to allow for an XP and Ubuntu dual boot.

Question: Can I partition C: and install the second OS without having to reformat?


LiberalGeek said…
Are you looking to put Ubuntu on the new drive? If so, no problem. You can install ubuntu and let it install the bootloader. I believe that it will add the existing XP as a boot option.

Or are you looking to copy important data over to the new drive and then reinstall xp and install ubuntu on the 70 gig and have them share the new data drive? If so, I would format the new data drive as FAT.
Duffy said…
Option B:

I'm going to get a new drive for data /apps and keep the 70 gig as exclusively OS for XP and Ubuntu.

why FAT and not NTFS?

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