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I hate Alec Baldwin's politics. He's an awesome actor though. This story struck me.

Mohave Daily News: Local

"Baldwin offered the family three options, Canright said, and told them he could either send a check, come to Needles for a low-key meeting or come along with major networks and the media."

Kudos. If he were insincere or grandstanding he wouldn't have offered any options save the last one. Good for him.


The man is right. Closing a school and reopening it with a ten fold increase in tuition is completely unfair. His Emminence better have a very convincing argument as to why this should be to quell the furor among the faithful.

Blackfive has Good News from Iraq Report. Read the whole thing. The bit about the HUMVEE upgrades is fascinating.

Right-Thinking from the Left Coast has Quote of The Day #1:

"The air is so dirty that I actually went outside with a knife, cut a cube out of the air, and took it home with me in my suitcase."

Varifrank, has Quote Of The Day #2.

Hawkins has 10 Questions for Al Gore. Reader(s) are invited to post honest answers in the comments.

OP-ED: Iraq: The Decade After

"Although no one doubts our forces will prevail over Saddam Hussein's, key regional leaders confirm what the Foreign Relations Committee emphasized in its Iraq hearings last summer: The most challenging phase will likely be the day after -- or, more accurately, the decade after -- Saddam Hussein.

Once he is gone, expectations are high that coalition forces will remain in large numbers to stabilize Iraq and support a civilian administration. That presence will be necessary for several years, given the vacuum there, which a divided Iraqi opposition will have trouble filling and which some new Iraqi military strongman must not fill."

Biden is no fool. He is, however, a naked partisan hack.

Quote of the Day #3:
Mr. Talabani explained: "You can choose your friends; your brothers are imposed on you." Read the whole thing for context and an interesting lesson on the language of diplomacy.

Quote of the Day #4:

John Travolta, owner of five jets, urges fans to 'do their bit' for the environment

Forget the article, read the comments.

The Curt Jester makes note of Anderson's Law. A cousin of Godwin's Law.

That's it and I'm outta here.

We've taken the cluster down for weekend maintenance. Poor engineers will be very busy but Duffy is outta here Fred Flinstone style.

Yabba Dabba Do!


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