Wednesday Quick Notes

A few quick things that don't merit entire posts by and of themselves:

This remains Colbert's finest hour. I can watch this one over and over.

Anyone play WoW? I don't. I don't have the time. My brother plays but much of what is said here rings true from what I hear from him.

He's young(er) and single (well, unmarried anyway) and he's more likely to give up one weekend night out to stay home play. He's not nearly as addicted as the author of the article was but I can see how it can draw you in.

Read the article, but mostly the comments. The anecdotes about European's conceptions of America are funny. I've run into the same thing in my travels as well.

David Zucker makes another ad for the GOP. This one about taxes. However, given the job Republicans have done with spending, this is not any place for them to be bragging.

I see this woman's billboard on the way to work every day. Finally, we have someone with less chance than Jan Ting. I wonder if she's serious about this. I mean, does she honestly think she has a chance?

Kudos to The Killers. Green Day is over rated and annoying.

Do as I say, not as I do. Gall beyond measure.


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