The Intruder

One of my personal failings (no, really I have them), is that when watching a movie, I'll seldom turn it off until it's over. In most cases, I think the movie might somehow redeem itself before the end. I have no rational basis for this as most movies go awry in the third act. Recently, I watched The Intruder because it was eating up space on my TiVo. I'm pretty sure movies aren't supposed to be a chore to watch but this one certainly was. The director seems to think that blowing smoke and a constant jazz saxaphone in the background somehow pass for Noir. He's sorely mistaken. It's like watching a movie where the characters are listening to CD's in the background and they have to talk over them. The cast was capable but they're swimming in air. There's nothing to work with. The whole script devolves into silliness at the end. I'm not spoiling anything by telling you they have some sort of deus ex machina ending that brings us back to the beginning. The structure of the story was good but the ending just felt like a cop out. Avoid this film.


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