Elsmere accused of profiling with ticket policy

There's so much in this article it's hard to know where to start.

First, the woman recieved a ticket for not registering her vechicle w/in the 60 day limit. She declares this discrimination because she cannot get plates without a Social Security card.

Tenants also claimed it's easier for immigrants without documents to license cars in Pennsylvania, even though the state's laws are similar to Delaware's and require proof of insurance and a valid Pennsylvania ID.

So if PA is so lax about illegal immigration, by all means, go back there. Let them deal with it.

I have news for Salusita (and the amnesty crowd); Delaware, like every other state, targets out of state plates for enforcement. Speeding, parking, traffic and what have you. It's an easy way to generate revenue without the headaches of ticketing locals. Ever go to the beach? Locals don't get parking tickets but out of towners do and you can bet your bottom dollar out of state people do.

What does the bill's sponsor say?

"This is a national issue with local consequences," said Republican Councilman John Jaremchuk, who proposed the ordinance in June. "If the federal government is not going to enforce the law, then local government must step in."

Precisely, the national parties (both of them) punted on the issue. It's too hot to handle and the only enforcement will be at the local level.

Echoing the sentiments of many he continues:

"I think people are upset because they believe everyone should be subject to the laws of this state," Jaremchuk said. "They think, 'Why do I have to abide by the law when others think they're exempt?' "

Exactly. Why should I have to register my car when others do not. Equal enforcement of the law is justice. If lawbreakers are putting a strain on state resources, the state must act to curtail that behavior and create an environment that is a net negative for those who thumb their nose at the law.

On the opposing side we hear:

"It's not about illegal immigration, it's about about hate and racism," said Maria Matos, executive director of the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington. "The same thing happened to the Italians and the Germans. It's history repeating itself. Now everyone's worried about the 'browning' of America."

Not true. It matters not that the immigrants are brown and this is not a matter of hate. This is not a case of "No Irish Need Apply" or fears (real or imagined) of a fifth column of Japanese or German-Americans during wartime (that would be Detroit but I'm getting off topic).

Rather, the public has had enough of people coming here illegally to work without paying taxes and over burdening already overloaded schools, hospitals and law enforcement resources. Further, a great deal of the money they earn in this country is not spend here. That is another drain on the economy. That money is remitted to family in Mexico to better their situation there. But for these billions heading south over the border, Mexico would collapse.

That we want to control our border (north or south) is not indicative of racism, but rather, of common sense. The first duty of the state is defend the realm. Without control of the borders, this is impossible.

A great many Americans welcome immigrants and do so warmly. We ask for certain things in return.

We expect you to obey the law. That includes the laws that allow you to come here
We expect you to pay taxes like the rest of us.
We expect you to learn the language.
We expect you to assimilate our principles. Believe in the Constitution and our laws.

I don't think that's asking too much.

Still, though, he doesn't like the idea that Hispanics are being tagged as troublemakers.
"On the part of Elsmere, they don't want immigrants," Garduño said in Spanish. "But this is a country of immigrants."

Um...see point #3

"You never hear of that in areas where there are homeowners," she said.

Well, if she had any clue how much documentation is required to buy a house you'd know police can be pretty sure there aren't any illegal immigrants who own homes in Delaware. Similiarly, we do not stake out Kindergartens looking for bank robbers.

"So what's the solution? Are they going to deport everyone from the state of Delaware?"

No, just the illegal aliens.

Salustia said she doesn't know what the answer is.
"I would get Delaware plates if I could," she said. "I only want to work."

And I sympathize with her position. I cannot say I wouldn't do the same if I were poor and Mexican. However, it's hard to get incensed when you're clearly in the wrong and you get caught. We are going to need some sort of guest worker program here. They need the work and we need the labor. However, we need to know who's coming in and we need to tax people for the resources needed for population growth. There is sensible middle ground we just need to find the political will to use it.


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