DelaWhare is (for once) cheering Walmart for offering discount drugs.

surprisingly I wont be bashing them today, well not yet at least. I don't trust these guys but I do like the fact they are sticking it to the Pharma industry.

This smacks of juvenile joy teenage vandals get from breaking something and getting away with it. Something I've never understood. Why is a good thing to "stick it" to the Pharma industry? I guess because they're a big scary corporation so they must be evil and perpetually trying to screw the little guy.

There's more:

I really don't see how this can be a bad thing. Man do I hate what Walmart has done with healthcare by passing the buck too the taxpayers, but this is really great for their customers. Target is apparently going to do the same thing.

I love it! The MAN is stickin it to the MAN!

One thread that permeates liberal thought in general and DelaWhare specifically is the hatred and loathing for rich people and corporations. Pharmaceuticals companies spend an enormous amount of money on R&D and regulation. Billions. Just to get a simple pain reliever to market. Imagine the cost of bringing something like a cancer medication to market. Those costs must be recouped somewhere. They cannot ask for government money for research. That would be met with derision as "giveaways to billion dollar corporations." Well, that leaves only one place to recoup those costs. The consumer. It's unfortunate that John Q. Public has to pay for it but there is no other alternative. If you remove their ability to recoup their costs (and make a profit) they are simply not going to develop new drugs. They won't be able to afford to. If you artificially cap the amount they are allowed to sell their drugs for, you're going to see far fewer of them. That's the very reason US drug companies outstrip German ones. Once upon a time, Germany was the king of Big Pharma. They led the world in new drugs and marketshare. Not any more. The Social Democrats in Germany capped the amount they were able to charge for drugs which sent them into dire financial straits and they could no longer afford to make new drugs. The best they could manage was to make generic drugs or manufacture drugs created and vetted elsewhere (like the US).

The second thing about the above post is that liberals have an image of rich people being some sort of monacled spats wearing plutocrat like Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly. Rather than say, George Soros or George Clooney. Corporations that set out to screw their customers usually don't last very long. They are either self-immolated when customers get wise and flee for their competitors or they are bludgened to death by regulators. Most corporations are slavishly subservient to their customers for fear of losing them to their competition. The only ones that aren't are artificial monopolies like cable companies, airlines and public schools. They have been able to successfully use the power of law to keep themselves in business.

I've never understood why George Soros gets a pass from liberals when he nearly destroyed the pound for personal gain and has been convicted of insider trading and locates his businesses offshore to avoid US regulation and taxation. Words used to describe rich people like "disgustingly rich" or "sickeningly rich" never stick to Soros. Nor do the complaints about people who make money by "shuffling paper" and not actually working stick either.

There is another shibboleth that the leftists cling to and that is that rich people don't work. A vast majority of people who are wealthy in this country made their money, they didn't inherit it. If you've read "The Millionaire Next Door" you'd know that most of them live modestly and save and invest their money. Most millionaires spend less than $400 for a suit and less than $40,000 on a car. Their homes are equally modest (I don't remember the number) but it was a solidly middle class number. Take a surgeon for example. A great many people would classify them as "rich". But you can bet they work for a living. They've busted their asses to get where they are so they can work very long hours at a physically and mentally grueling job that literally can mean life or death. Please don't tell me they deserve to have their paychecks pilfered because "they can afford it."


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