Andrew Sullivan has the Nazi pope cartoon that the Middle Eastern papers have been running. Very nice.

I await riots by Catholics for disparaging their religious leader. I won't be holding my breath.


Donviti said…
I tried to riot but work wouldn't let me between 8-5, and who wants to riot on their own time?
Donviti said…
I am barely old enough to remember no cable. I remember my Mommom and Poppop not having AC...ugh

When I was in the Navy I didn't have enough money for a color tv so for the first 6 months in Norfolk we had a 13' b/w.

those were the days boy.
Duffy said…
Perhaps we can have a federal subsidy for rioters. We could re-imburse employers for lost wages due to people taking the day off to riot and/or loot.

I guess rioters will have to use PTO days to get paid.

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