File under; Red on red. The left wing of the Democrat pary is poised to devour the middle. They claimed their first scalp in Lamont and will likely set their sights on Hillary and John Kerry. As noted in the article, Michael Moore says that every candidate running for them in 2008 is now vulnerable. If they do indeed field a stridently anti-war candidate, they will not be doing themselves any favors. Americans don't like to leave something undone. The wounds of Vietnam healed very slowly for exactly that reason. We didn't win only because we quit. A repeat of such a withdrawal would carry the same scars 30 years into the future. We had to go back to Iraq after a decade of withdrawing short of Baghdad. Many Americans (left and right) saw that as a major mistake then and still do today. We left Saddam in power to slaughter the Shia and declare victory. We put sanctions in place that, if you listen to the anti-war crowd, simulataneously kept Saddam "in his box" and also killed countless thousands of Iraqi children. Why this is an acceptable proposition is never explained.

I firmly believe that if we leave Iraq too soon, we'll be back within another 10 years to clean up the mess we left behind again.


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