Captain's Quarters is pointing to signs that the glow may already be wearing off for Lamont. He's currently trialing in polls for a 3 way race. Democrats may have done themselves a grave disservice by ousting him. If he is elected after all, they're going to have to suck up to him quite a bit to prevent him from siding with the GOP more often than not. It has also been noted that if the Democrats pick up six seats and Joe wins, he decides the fate of the vote in the Senate.

If he loses, there has been speculation that he may take a cabinet post, possibly Transportation. I don't see how he could do a worse job than Mineta who is, if you'll pardon the pun, a train wreck.

November is forever and a day away. Anything can happen but I won't be surprised if Connecticut stays with Joe which is really going to upset the Democrat's apple cart.


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