Andy goes off the deep end. His YouTube of the Day (a feature I've blatantly stolen today) features a 9/11 conspiracist and total nutjob Alex Jones. The caliber of the gun is telling but not "proof". Combine that with the differences in load and you have a set of variables that are innumerable. I have no idea what kind of shot this guy is either. He could be a horrible shot. The wind is blowing hard enough to be heard on the mic. That makes things even more difficult. If you've ever tried shooting a shotgun in the wind you know you have to lead your clays (or whatever) by quite a margin.

The only thing he does get correct is the quote that you don't turn 180 degrees when hunting in groups. You keep yourself confined to your "window".

The dummy he uses is a terrible model for a human body. The "soft" rubber is soft textured but much more resistant to penetration than human skin.

That Sullivan swallows this tripe without any question is astounding. He doubts every word that comes from any White House official and signs on with the nuttiest critic they have speaks volumes.


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