World Cup KickOff - All the match details for World Cup 2006 in Germany. Am I the only American who doesn't have a family member on the World Cup team who's excited? I watched the 2002 game against Mexico yesterday and I forgot how solid the team was then. This year's team is even better. The US have very very tough bracket. FIFA must be completely insane to put us up against Czech Republic and then Italy back to back. If we can get one point out of the first two games we have a very good chance at making the semifinals. I don't know much about the Czech team other than they are highly ranked but I know Italy is having some troubles with injuries and unit cohesion that the US may be able to exploit.


p.s. my Six Degrees of Separation for the US World Cup team is that I was childhood friends with, and frequent teammate of one of the starters. He and his brother were both good players. He moved away to attend HS out of town and went on to fame and fortune from there.


ColossusHube said…
The Czechs are ranked #2 in the world currently, while the US is #5 and Italy #12. Also, the Czechs have some injuries, so that may "help" us on Monday.

My affection for soccer is quite large, too. My wife is from Costa Rica (losers against Germany yesterday) and her dad played on their national team in the early 60s. Also, my brother-in-law was the US national team's trainer for three World Cups -- 1990 through 1998.
Duffy said…
You and I are the only two Americans who are not directly related to the US team who are watching. Costa Rica played well but Germany looked really solid. Their forward line is very strong and should frighten any goalie. You can see in the first 4 games alone why keepers hate that ball.

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