If you even needed proof that North Korea is the most evil regime on earth, read this: North Korea's grisly arms tests on babies

Disclaimer: I know WorldnetDaily has a tendency to be overwrought and bombastic. This report, however, is sourced to MI6 and confirms what we've been hearing for years from survivors of those camps and even the guards who worked in them. They've testified before Congress and they all point to the same conclusion. Kim's regime is unremittantly evil. Monsterous. I cannot imagine the horrors that will be unearthed when it finally falls. Even though North Korea is a bit player on the world stage, it pains me to know that such horrors exist to this day and there's no end in sight. Unless or until every citizen is dead or they do something to get China's pants in a twist, they will continue like this. Where are the calls for the UN to intervene? How can we stand idly by while this happens. Sometimes I dispair. I seem to recall a phrase "never again" and if I read that correctly, it meant never and wasnt' confined to any one particular type of person. Granted the US need not be trotting around the globe as policeman, but how can the rest of the world (read: Japan, China, Russia) not close their doors to them until they change?


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