Hydrogen on the Cheap

Looks like there's new hope for Hydrogen. I am cautiously optimistic. There really isn't enough information given to make a judgement. Likely GE is going to keep this under wraps as long as possible to make sure they have the market cornered. If these are as affordable and scalable as noted, it could mean power generation at a very local level. Individual manufacturing plants could purchase a unit for power generation. In other places you could see local housing developments applying for installation and purchase of one. (I don't know the infrastructure required so this may be too local). Perhaps cities could relieve the stress on the grids by breaking them into smaller segments with failover capabilities. I'm going out on a limb here b/c I don't have enough information but the scalability factor is a critical one. This technology is probably better suited to fuel cell needs rather than continuous power generation at the 15Kw range as noted in the report. Let's hope this takes off.

Hydrogen is, in my opinion, the ultimate green fuel. It produces very powerful motors, releases only oxygen and water vapor and there are no byproducts like spend fuel rods that we have to worry about. The only worry is the high combustability factor. Manufacturers would have to build the fuel cells to be very highly impact resistant. Something akin to the polymer shells used to transport nuclear waste.


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