Delawareliberal has a baffling post about the Wharton v. Biden race. I think Jason has really gone around the bend here in that, he believes that citing Whartons 27 years of experience is merely about age. Jason is so blinded by partisanship that he cannot face the arguement for what it is. Biden is not just young, but inexperienced. If Biden were exactly the same age as Wharton, you'd see the GOP running the exact same ad and rightly so. I was initially opposed to the legislation requring any minimum requirements for AG's office. However, when you have other senior offices that require a minimum amount of experience I think there is a sound case for having them. However, I would not pass any laws until after this election. To do otherwise would smack of ex post facto and quite frankly, fear that Biden might win.

I'm also surprised that Jason doesn't have a natural revulsion for political families. I was never happy with W running as I don't think we need political dynasty families in this country. We have entirely too many talented, smart people to recycle the same gene pool time and again.

It's bad enough in national politics but I think it's worse in local elections. Small states like Delaware are especially prone to such dynasties and largely, those families are very wealthy which ought to raise Jason's plutocractic warning system.


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