Bloggers Pick Up Hastert Land Deal Story. I knew there was a reason Hastert was so vehement in his defense of William Jefferson. My first thought was that he has his hand in the cookie jar and doesn't want to get caught. Right then and there I wanted him out. In fact, I am going to vote against any incumbent for the forseeable future. I stronly urge you to do the same. Washington is a swamp that breeds corruption over time. They whisper sweetly in your ear about how much money you can make. In the beginning, you have your principles and you say no. They wear you down. You can't say no forever. Campaigns are expensive and really, what's the harm. You're providing for your voters and if you make a little money in the process, that's ok. Nobody got hurt. Right? Besides, everybody else is doing it, why not you?

Screw that. Vote them all out.

P.S. I will very likely vote in 2008 for whichever party doesn't control Congress.


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