Andrew Sullivan's blog has become a three post rotating blog

1. Gay marriage is long overdue
2. Fire Rumsfeld Now
3. We torture detainees as a matter of policy

Any time you hear Sullivan talk about marriage and how precious, sacred or whatever, remember the following quote:

Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish: Two Generations: "For me the interesting point came when Dan and I agreed that moderate hypocrisy - especially in marriages - is often the best policy. Momogamy is very hard for men, straight or gay, and if one partner falters occasionally (and I don't mean regularly), sometimes discretion is perfectly acceptable."

So hypocrisy, infidelity, it's all perfectly acceptable. Why? Because fidelity is "hard for men." Yes, I'm sure my wife would furrow her brow and congratulate me for holding out for so long when it's been so difficult.

I have news for you Andy, marriage is difficult. LIFE is difficult. If you cannot be faithful, you ought not to be married. You want to know what's really destroying marriage? Infidelity. The entire point of marriage is devoting yourself to one other person in mind, body and spirit. If you cannot do all three you're going to fail. I've seen it first hand.

So please, Andrew, keep any further pontifications about marriage to yourself. You have shown yourself to be unqualified to comment on it.


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