Professional contrarian Christopher Hitchens (as opposed to amateurs like me) gives us the lowdown on The utterly clueless Joe Wilson. Hitchens thinks this cluelessness stems from innocence whereas I do not. Wilson is a partisan who sought to make friends on the Democrat side of the aisle and make the President look bad. He thought the latter would get him the former which would lead to some sweet appointment in the Kerry administration. Sorry Joe, no dice.

Sadly, a few outright lies have hardened into "facts" regarding Plame/Wilson

1. Valerie Plame was a covert operative who's identity was carefully guarded by both the CIA and Plame/Wilson

2. The President/Vice President leaked her name to destroy her career

3. Leaking her name caused a black program to be rolled up and probably got some people killed

4. Valerie Plame did not recommend her husband for he Niger job

5. Joe Wilson knew the Niger related documents were wrong.

Unless each of these items is refuted time and again, they will show up in history books as facts.


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