I love LOST. It's my favorite tv show and one of the few that I make a point not to miss when it first airs. (Everything else is TiVo'd so I watch it when I want.) However, they have made four glaring errors regarding Christianity generally and Catholicism specifically.

1. Mr. Eko's brother signs ordination papers.
2. Mr. Eko recites the 23rd Psalm incorrectly
3. Mr. Eko says that when John baptized Jesus, he took the appearance of the dove as a sign that he had "washed away all this man's sins".
4. Mr. Eko and Charlie both say that baptism is what gets you into heaven.

Why are these wrong and is it really a big deal? I'll answer for each point.

1. Not a big deal but more likely artistic license taken. Why is it wrong? Only a Bishop or Cardinal may ordain a priest. We can clearly see from his mode of dress that Mr. Eko's brother is neither Bishop nor Cardinal. Bishops always wear a pectoral cross and do not typically wear an alb but rather a cassock with red piping to distinguish them from priests. Cardinals wear a skullcap of red (or bieretta) and red cassock. Neither a Bishop nor a Cardinal would not be a pastor at a small local parish.

2. Mr. Eko and Charlie both say "Yea though I walk through the shadow of the Valley Of Death, I shall fear no evil." This is incorrect. The correct wording is "...through the valley of the Shadow of Death". This again, might be artistic license or just misread by the actors. The producers always insist there are no errors on LOST. Perhaps this is a clue. We shall see.

3. All Christian denominations believe that Jesus was without sin. He is divine and therefore, sinless. Even though He was wholly man and wholly divine, even the man part was devoid of sin. He is, after all, God. I have no idea why the producers/writers would put something so glaringly wrong in the script. At this point, I began to wonder if the entire point of this was to show us the Mr. Eko is not a priest and he makes a very bad pretender at one.

4. Baptism is an outward sign of inner grace. It does not literally cleanse your sins away. It is a sign that you are committing to something and recognizing that you are a sinner and only through Him can you be saved. I am baffled why the writers thought they could slip this one by us. Why is Locke, who describes himself as a "man of faith" so devoid of any knowledge of Christianity when he knows everything else?

Other LOST questions:

Why isn't everyone talking about Mr. Eko staring down the Monster? Charlie saw the whole thing and he hasn't said anything to anyone? Is that believeable?

Why are all the people who were "bad" when the show started, now "good" and vice versa? Charlie is now a pariah, Ana-Lucia is a good guy (despite the Shannon thing), Jack looks like he's sliding toward bad (he was wearing a black t-shirt at the end of the last ep.), Sawyer helped Hurley out and even went on the hunting party of his own volition.

Is Locke's father the original Sawyer? We know he's a grifter and he's the right age. Locke was also drilling Sawyer (James) about his name and why he chose it. Does Locke suspect something?


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