Wanna know why the blogosphere is eating MSM's lunch? Read
Daly Thoughts ? Judicial Confirmation Statistics. An excellent, well researched article about the politicization (is that even a word?) of judicial nominees. It's articles like this that were previously resigned to the pages of a Cato report or Heritage foundation. Not so, anymore.
If anything the analysis tells us that the Right is correct when they say that the Left cannot win via the ballot box so they're turning to the judiciary. I think the claims of judges as "tyrants" is overblown and not helpful, but I do think the slope here is slick. Should things continue along these lines you'll see two things happen. As in many red states, the state legislatures are heading off judges at the pass. They're passing amendments to their state constitutions that preclude judges from divining some new intent not spelled out in the original document (i.e. gay marriage). Secondly, you may see more "Bull Connor" tactics wherein federal and state authorities come to loggerheads and have some sort of showdown over the enforcement of judicial fiats. The latter may get pretty ugly.


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