Hyperbole alert! There are two clauses in the sentence below, try and find the one that is pure crap.

Mystery Flight - Newsweek World News - MSNBC.com: "While the Bush administration has made the case that this is a war without rules, Europeans still tend to see counterterrorism as a law-enforcement problem. "

If you said the first one, you win a prize.

Did I miss a briefing somewhere? NO RULES!? Isikoff has a tendency to be bombastic but this is too much. What the adminstration has said is that this war is unlike any other. That it is NOT a law enforcement problem. We've seen what a law-enforcement approach gives us. Witness the Khobar Towers, Kenyan and Tanzanian embassy bombings and the USS Cole. That was enough for me. I'd rather have people like this, and this, and this, looking for these guys. Law enforcement has their role and this war won't be won without them.


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