Sutton Impact

This encapsulates how the Dean wing of the Democratic party sees the people in the red states. Sutton has managed to include every possible negative stereotype in one cartoon. I'm amazed at the vitriol of which people like him are capable.

As anyone who reads this site (You mean IF anyone actually read this site -ed.) knows I'm no Democrat. I used to call myself Libertarian and am registered as such but the total lack of a serious party or foreign policy has soured me to the Libertarian Party on a national basis. Locally, I still support them but not nationally. As such, I identify more closely with free-market Republicans. While I disagree (sometimes vehemently) with much of what Democrats are promoting I don't think they are all lemmings or evil or whatever. Mostly I think they're well intentioned but misguided. Democrats are the ones always talking about the need for "healing" and telling us we should "come together" or "move on" but does this look like the stuff of reconciliation to you?


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