Some have called Khaddafi/Quadaffi/The curly haired guy from Lybia's willingness to negotiate as "pre-emptive surrender" there has been much wondering about North Korea. They have violated every agreement they've ever signed before the ink was even dry. In the latest news, they've agreed to let US inspectors into the nuclear facility. See here:
However, this does not by any means approach the scale of the inspections Lybia is going to allow. Is this truly progress in the "38th parallel problem"? Or just more wiliness from the "Dear Leader"? I vote for the latter. That he's willing to allow us access only tells me there's nothing to see. When there is, they usually hue and cry about the need for compensation for such inspections. Further, there is evidence of late that when Pakistan tested it's first nuclear bomb much of their help was from North Korea. The second explosion several days later was believed to be one of the DPRK's own devices tested there as cover. It now seems that the axis was and is real. There was a concerted effort to bring nuclear weapons to the Arab nations and the DPRK played the willing broker. They split the program across Pakistan, DPRK, and Lybia. With the siezure of Lybia's centrifuges at sea Col. Mo saw that the US had a good handle on his nuke program and folded. Buscolini (Italy's PM) also said he rec'd a call in March from an Arab leader (now believed to be Col. Mo) saying that he was willing to negotiate because he "saw what the Americans did in Iraq and I was afraid". Seems our reckless unilateral cowboy adventure continues to bear fruit.


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