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When you've lost Maureen Dowd...

Barack Obama’s Laid-Back, Feet-Up Office Style

Photos: Barack Obama’s Laid-Back, Feet-Up Office Style:

These are the photos of a vain and arrogant man. Earlier Presidents refused to even remove their suit jackets out of respect for the Oval Office and the office they held. This man PUTS HIS FEET ON HIS DESK. When I was a kid, my teachers were constantly telling kids to sit up straight and keep your feet on the floor. I have to tell my own kids over and over not to put their feet on furniture (couch is the exception but only when shoeless). It was drilled into us for a reason. That is not how adults behave. I don't put my feet on my own furniture let alone an antique piece of history that doesn't even belong to me. Nor would I ever dream of putting my feet on my desk at work. Especially if I was the boss. What you do when you're at the top sets the tone for the whole organization. This bullshit fratboy guffawing body language tells me this is not a man you take seriously. Rest assured, however, he takes hi…


The Greatest Weapon Against The Tyranny Of "Very Serious People" - Laughter: "Never forget, the “achilles heel” of anyone who’s driving aim in life is to CONTROL the lives of other people is his or her aching need to be taken “seriously”. No tyrant on any level can handle derision, it deflates them utterly by reducing their stature to its proper level in a way which they cannot escape. Imagine if they held an election and everybody laughed - and then went on about their IMPORTANT business.

In essence, the people who matter in the world are fully confident that they have earned the status of adult human beings and get exasperated with those who insist on treating them as children. "