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Dangerous things and licensing

We need gun laws in this country to ensure people who are given control over dangerous things are responsible and held accountable if something goes wrong. Today, Mark Kelly has shown us all that he is not responsible enough to own a military style assault dog.
Clearly anyone who is so irresponsible with such a dangerous weapon has no business owning one. I support a 30 day waiting period before owning such a dangerous weapon. Further, no American needs such a ferocious and deadly animal. Clearly only a deranged lunatic would want such an animal. If you want a furry companion, just get a hamster. A hamster is a perfectly adequate pet.

No child has ever been mauled by a hamster. How this man can be so reckless and irresponsible as to have a dangerous, unlicensed animal like this around his family is beyond reason. We will also need to restrict people from owning pets like this without extensive training and licensing. Nor should anyone need more than one s…

Deep pockets and taxes

NYC's Met Museum accused of duping on fees:

Indeed. I've been to the Met a million times. It was standard field trip fodder in my youth and more than once we'd skip out of the museum, roam around the city and try to make it back before the bus left. If we missed it, public transportation would see us home for a few bucks.

The article correctly points out that the "suggested donation" is all but arm twisted out of you. If you try to go past without paying they intimate that you'd be kicked out and they'd call the cops. This is a lie. They are merely strongarming your and hoping you'll cave. Don't. Be polite but firm and ask if it is a suggestion or not. It may take some probing questions but they'll finally give up and let you in for free (or whatever you want to pay).

That said, the Met has over $2 billion in cash. I can tell you the perqs for board members is significant. Some years ago, a friend was flown in from NC to apply …