Daily Roundup

I'm going to post about the election later. My brain is going a million miles an hour and I'm all over the place. Give me some time to get a coherent thought together.

What happens when you order a live monkey from a comic book? Wish I had tried that one.

Here are some breathtaking pictures of space. The post is a bit dated but the pictures are worth your time. I found the eruption on Io fascinating. Makes me think of Clarke's 2010.

Staying with the astronomy theme, here are some fascinating and puzzling things about space that we don't understand. Makes you appreciate the limits of human knowledge.

How about a battery powered F1 race? It would be strange to hear a race without the howl of the engines. All rushing air and tire noise. Sure, why not?


knowitall said…
The day was a historic day, and all of the elitist illuminati were so happy because they have total power, and will be on the spending spree.

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