On that taxation/patriotism thing..

In an earlier post I mentioned it but only in the context of the upcoming VP debates. I completely missed something. If paying more taxes is patriotic, it stands to reason that paying less taxes is unpatriotic. Therefore, our troops in war zones who are exempt from income taxes are unpatriotic. That also means that poor people, who do not pay income tax, are unpatriotic. Obama's efforts to exclude people from the tax roles are also unpatriotic. Joe's deductions on his tax returns for charitable giving are unpatriotic. Any mortgage deductions are unpatriotic. Child tax credits? Unpatriotic. I could go on all day. I would really really like Joe to continue on this line.


Brian Shields said…
If paying taxes are patriotic, then why not set up a hotline 1-800 number where patriotic people can pledge to voluntarily pay more taxes?

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