Around the Horn Friday

Alright folks, belly up to the bar. Give the barman a nod and guaranteed he'll know your favorite. We buy in rounds here as friends do. Pints only or perhaps a whiskey . No foofy mixed drinks and absolutely nothing ending in "tini"

First round from Tommywonk with his post about how about this on how to get something done in Leg Hall. Our man Tommy is even quoted (again) in The New Journal. This is a fine example of why government should be at the lowest possible level. It gives the electorate a stronger voice and they can directly challenge politicians who attempt to thwart their will. Bottoms up lad, we're moving on.

Next round is Delaware Curmudeon with a story about semantic squabbling and interservice rivalry that's going to cost you and me $16MM. I'm guessing we're a little past the use of "Find and Replace" at this point but with government, who knows? Down the hatch lassie, we're moving on.

Down With Absolutes has been quiet this week. Highlights include an animated discussion on the merits and morality of the death penalty as well as a snarky shot at the President. Finish up lads, we're moving on

Next round is courtesy of DelawarePolitics who are focusing in on transparency this week. They're in with a double shot including video. Down in one, we're moving on.

Round four (or five I guess) is from Kavips who's like a hound dog on a scent when it comes to Bluewater Wind. This week he's used Gary Stockbridge's comments as a springboard for an eloquent metaphor and analysis of power production and delivery. Also, don't miss the Interesting Exchange which will have your cringing for the poor confused Mr. Booth. A wink, a nod and another round, we're moving on.

Hoist another thanks to Delaware Watch who's watching the smoldering ashes of the DEGOP. Graciously noted that there is no gravedancing. Finish your drink gentlemen, we're moving on.

Merit Bound Alley notes two cases of human rights refugees facing murder death sentences if they are deported to their home countries. IIRC the EU Charter prevents deportation to countries that allow the death penalty. France refused to extradite Ira Einhorn until we promised not to kill the bastard. Curious how the crowd that is so vocal about rendition is so silent now. I must also note that his other recent post hits close to home. The key here is the difference between legal proof and scientific proof. As much as I'd like to blame someone for my son's autism it ain't the Very Big Drug Companies. Drain your glass after a toast to human rights everywhere and a cure for autism, we're moving on.

Jokers To The Right buys the next one. Ryan is annoyed with Daylight Savings Time. A gripe I share and am mystified that 19th century farmers are still driving our timetables. He's also asking who should McCain tap for Veep. The correct answer is Newt Gingrich. Hurry up please, it's time and we're moving on.

Mike is buying this one and he's waxing philosophical about minor things. After a moment of reflection, drain your glass we're moving on.

Over to Digital Federalist has fired up the Wayback Machine to show Biblical support for limited government and looking inside to see what kind of change he can personally contribute to. A furrowed brow and deep reflection required on that one. Chug. We're moving on.

The deluge that is Becky's Fan Club Delaware Libertarian continues apace. I'm having trouble choosing one post because the site updates faster than a NASDAQ ticker. Latest item (at this writing)is about prostitution with a crass pun that will make you groan and smile at the same time. In the time it's taken you to read this synopsis the post has been bumped down to the archives. Stop typing for two minutes guys and finish your drink, we're moving on.

DelawareLiberal is running an online fundraiser for Delaware's Democrat party candidates. I guess the unstoppable juggernaut that is the DEGOP has them quaking in their boots and they know they need to get on the fundraising ball. Dry sarcasm makes me thristy. Down the hatch, we're moving on.

Felix buys one for the team. He's tilting at the PC Windmill again but this time defending Democrat Geraldine Ferraro. At the other end of the spectrum he notes the despicable comments of Obama's preacher. A grim nod and a big drink, we're moving on.

Last round, I'll buy. Cheers to one and all for joining me in Around The Horn Friday. For next week, I nominate Nancy.


Tom Noyes said…
A T. S. Eliot reference (from The Wasteland). Cool!

We have at least one blogger who didn't sleep through English Lit.
Anonymous said…
Hey, I feel absolutely wasted, call me a cab!
Great fun, Duffy. BTW, I accept the challenge of hosting ATHF next week.
Anonymous said…
Great Job! After pounding down more than my limit, I am a bit too woozy to grasp the "Wasteland" reference...

Was it the "burial of the dead"....comment or the repetition of "Hurry up it's time. that Tommy refers?
The Last Ephor said…
I was thinking more of "Hurry up please".

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