Hamlet Act III, Scene II

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Gerry Fulcher declares: A BLOG IS EQUIVALENT TO A WRITER’S FART and then goes on to prove the point.

I don't know anything about this guy other than he apparently used to be on WDEL. (I do not listen to terrestrial radio so I didn't know that). Based on his first post and his comments at DWA, I can see he's study in contradictions. Brays about being a "real writer" and pounds and pounds on the fact that he's been published in such vaunted publications as TV Guide. Yes TV Guide, the bastion of crusading truth and breaking news. This is a big deal because according to Mr. Fulcher it was the most popular magazine in the world. Rest assured they were subscribing for the cutting edge investigative journalism not for, you know, TV listings. Almost immediately after talking about it's popularity, he says he "doesn't give a rat's ass about popularity". An odd thing for a "real" writer. If one is going to be paid for their efforts it would be logical to assume that you'd want people to read it and that your compensation would be directly related to the number of people who want to read what you've written.

Of course, I'm not a "real" writer so what do I know?

The vociferousness of his protestations about "real" writers and the laziness of bloggers is overmuch. So much so that it made me think of the line above from Hamlet. He is clearly threatened by the non-professionals who put out a quality product (not me but guys like these) that he's afraid of losing whatever micro level of noteriety he's been working toward for 30 years.

Odd also that a man who positions himself as Great Crusader For The Little Guy (as in the Eminent Domain thing) then turns around and says he doesn't care about what the little guy thinks. Rather he's only concerned with the opinion of "important" people (US Attorney and a guy who owns an auto parts company. Nothing wrong with either profession mind you, but nothing makes them particularly important in my book).

The other thing I found surprising is how rude and foul mouthed Mr. Fulcher is for a "real" writer. I would think that a "real" writer would have witty retorts and scathing wit rather than crude insults and foul language. I was always taught that expletives were the tools of the ill educated and ill mannered. I am, however, not a "real" writer so perhaps they teach you that in "real" writing school.

Note also in the comments the lack of fact checking by bloggers. In the very same comment thread Mr. Fulcher is either so lazy or dumb that he can't sort out who's calling him names. He then challenges Hube to present errors of fact he's made. Hube responds with substantive examples which Mr. Fulcher ignores completely.

Blogging is not for the feint of heart Mr. Fulcher nor for the thin skinned. If you cannot handle having your assertions challenged when you don't get to cut off the conversation at your leisure you're in for a bumpy ride.


mkfreeberg said…
Wow, to campaign in any way against bloggers and blogging in October of 2007, is kind of like saying passenger aircraft is a bad idea sometime around when he got that "Happy Days" article published in TV Guide.

Of course it would have been equally ineffectual if he posted it in about 2001 or so, but at least then Dan Rather's takedown hadn't happened yet, so he could've used ignorance as an excuse. But now?
Anonymous said…
Can we also add Gerry's vile dismissal of Anonymous bloggers?
And somehow try to decipher how he can accept that most of his sources remain anonymous?

If Gerry was above reproach that might work. But he has already bragged about his indifference to
following the rules, to support any effort he alone deems necessary.

He no longer believes in god, no wonder, since Gerry has taken gods place. Hell of an accomplishment for being a Christian Brother.


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