Shooting yourself in the foot

“Mandating that small businesses collect sales taxes for an additional 46 states and 9,600 tax jurisdictions would overload these entities with bureaucracy and red tape.”

The pessimist in me says "Yes, please put this to a vote. It's bound to wildly unpopular and the Dems will be on record as sponsors and it will be their undoing." The realist side of me has some questions

1. Will this force small e-tailers to confine themselves to local distribution?
2. Will the big players use this to squash the little guys?
3. Will this only increase the cheat rate for online e-tailers as they seek to operate in states that are less lax about enforcement?
4. Will this force states to work together to harmonize and simplify tax codes?

Any (or none) of these could come to pass. My previous predictions on virtually anything regarding politics preclude me from making such judgments but I think they're possibilities.


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