It's not about equality

I don't think feminism has a particular definition. I think it should, but it doesn't. It should mean "women are treated equally before the law" and that people shouldn't make assumptions about them or harass them for being a woman in whatever setting. That said, there is a particular brand of feminism which isn't seeking equality. It seeks advantage. Women's advantage always and everywhere. Here is a prime example:

Jackass Sues Gym Over Their 442 Women-Only Hours Per Year

See? Discrimination based on sex is totally ok when it's against men and it's a really small thing anyway. Kudos to the commenters who called her out on her bullshit.

Either discrimination is fine or its not. Pick one. You don't get to say yes for this group but no for that one.

These women want it both ways. They want the man to be asked out on a date and have him pay for the privilege of their company but you damn well better treat them as equals.

They are allowed to have "Curve" workout places where men can't go but McSorely's had to open its doors to women.

Discrimination is wrong or it isn't. Pick one and be consistent.


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