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First up: In Michigan, the Union equivalent of the Eye of Sauron, they're trying to do an end run around the will of the people. They were resoundingly defeated in their attempts to continue taking money from people at gunpoint for the privilege of working. From the WSJ:

Michigan Union Tell-All: "Yet the most revealing news in the Cook memo is how little the union discusses assisting workers so more will voluntarily join unions. Instead the focus is how to continue coercing workers to keep paying dues. No wonder that the percentage of government workers who belong to unions fell last year. The Cook memo is damning proof that the main goal of union leaders is to enhance the power of union leaders, not of workers."

They know they no longer have a case for joining a union. The days of brickbat wielding Pinkertons are long over. Hell the days of the UAW are nearing an end. I think they finally know it. The Big Three aren't alone any more. The US isn't the epicenter of manufacturing nor the only market for cars. My brother had the misfortune of being in that automotive world for over a decade. The shit he had to put up with was beyond me. I would have left the industry long before he did. I have no idea how much they paid him but it had to have been a king's ransom to keep him.

I love John Scalzi. I read Old Man's War and loved it. I've been a lurker at his website for quite some time. I like him because he disagrees with me. Not me personally but he's pretty far left (from where I stand.) That said, he's also a fair guy and a rational one. This makes him about as rare as a Swiss combat medal. He's also got this mad judo ability to win without fighting. Witness: Solving My Racist Sexist Homophobic Dipshit Problem. Essentially he has a problem with someone called "Vox Day" (this is a name? -ed) who he describes as above. I don't know this guy or if he's really as risible as that but John's solution is the perfect one. In fact, it is both perfect and liberal. This is how liberals (and, frankly everyone else) should behave in the face of speech they don't like. He's created the perfect trap for this guy. Every time he spouts off some horrible crap he's funding the people he hates. Scalzi, you are a genius.

Ed Koch shows why he is the last great liberal: Ed Koch: What's on My Tombstone, and Why: "On my tombstone, which awaits me at the Trinity Church nondenominational cemetery at 155th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, I had inscribed the last words of Daniel Pearl -- uttered at his publicly viewed murder -- which were, "My father is Jewish. My mother is Jewish. I am Jewish." I believe those words should be part of the annual services on the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur, and should be repeated by the congregants."

Exactly so. Recognize that this is not an issue of tolerance and diversity but one of an eliminationist ideology that must be fought with both pen and sword.

I was going to write about Argentina's latest insanity yesterday but ran out of waking hours. Taking a page from Joe Biden's book:

: "“Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?’” Biden said. “The answer is yes, that's what I’m telling you.” "

wasn't enough. No, now Cristina Fernandez continues her war with reality by instituting shortages price controls. Perhaps she's been taking advice from my favorite local punching bag and economically illiterate blogger.

ZeroHedge piles on and notes that the real inflation rate is somewhere around 30% with no signs of slowing. They plan to print their way out this problem because that has proven so wildly effective the previous dozen times it's been tried. Sadly, Argentina is just the US writ small.

China continues its lying by statistics as is their M.O. Tom Friedman will likely have some fascinating articles from La La Land once China implodes. Given the excuses for the abject dishonesty I think they are half right and half wrong. Since I started working for Big Data, I now know how they work and what they deem important. I can assure you that "smoothing" is a word I hear very often. "Smoothing" is good and it indicates reliable data. "Bounce" is the opposite and that's bad. Very bad and should be avoided. If I had to guess the capital flight is far worse than they want to admit, the stratification is far worse than we know and they have demographic problems that make collapse inevitable. Basically they're smoothing as fast as they can and trying to trend upwards to stave off The Big Bath. Rather they want to limp along until they regress to the mean and then reset from there. Unfortunately, I don't know where their mean is or what their reset is going to look like. Reader(s) are welcome to speculate.


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