Lie of the year or just a delayed truth?

Lie of the Year: the Romney campaign's ad on Jeeps made in China: "That in turn prompted another unqualified denial, this time from Chrysler Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne, who said Jeep assembly lines "will remain in operation in the United States and will constitute the backbone of the brand. It is inaccurate to suggest anything different."

Got that? LIE OF THE YEAR. No truth to it. NONE. Heywaitaminute....

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said the automaker plans to build some Jeeps in China for the local market — and later, in Russia.

"As part of our global expansion of the Jeep brand, there are some cars — that because of the price position in the market — can never be made in the U.S. and exported," Marchionne told reporters on the sidelines of the North American International Auto Show. "We're going to be announcing the first step in the globalization of Jeep (in China). There's another one that's going to come in Russia. These things are part of a natural process of expansion."

I'm sure Politifact will be making a correction Real Soon Now (TM). I hear the critics say "It's still a lie. They are only planning on moving some of the product line to China." Maybe but they flat out lied when they denied moving anything to China when this issue originally surfaced. This is just being done by degrees to avoid the bad PR. It would surprise me not at all if Buick followed suit especially given the popularity of the brand in China. Don't get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with moving their facilities there. Frankly, they've been driven (pardon the pun) there by both the UAW and the government policies that make it too expensive to continue business as usual here in the US. I'm a bit more bothered by the outright lying by Chrysler from the outset but that's likely done to avoid bad PR (as previously stated), annoying Chairman Zero who could hurt them if they wanted to and not to tip their strategic hand and make sure they don't sour any deals they were negotiating in China. I am, of course, annoyed with Politifact and not just for their Orwellian name. In this case Romney's campaign was proven, in my view, mostly right. Even now that the game is over if they had an integrity they'd make a correction. Since they don't, they won't.


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