Sounds like me from 15 years ago

Riehl World View: My Warning To The Establishment GOP: "Today's�establishment GOP is a reasonable conservative's enemy. They are not our friends."

She essentially lays out my path to becoming libertarian. I agreed with the Regan GOP. They were much more focused on deficits, debts and foreign policy. More secular if you will. Then after Milquetoast Bush left office the GOP lost it's bearings. They cast about in frothing anger during the Clinton years and put up (God help us) Dole as the counter to Clinton. I can not think of a worse choice. I say that merely from a strategic point of view. I like Bob Dole and I think he's a good guy. But he has a severe charisma deficit against your average politician let alone the megawatt charm of Clinton. Just wasn't going to happen. After that fiasco, they picked George W. I didn't know much about the man but he seemed together and composed. Like a computer program that runs in the background and you never really notice it. He had the pedigree and the money. Sometime after the primary the Evangelicals essentially took over the GOP. That gave us a very weird version of big spending social conservatives. The exact opposite of sane people me. In the public sphere I'm much more in favor of small spending social liberals. I don't believe in codifying in law social mores that I don't agree with (exceptions noted). Moreover, I don't think the state has the right to dictate most forms of social behavior that don't involve harm or fraud.

The current GOP establishment disdains working schlubs like me and want my money, my vote and my silence. That's why I left. I can only pray for something approximating a Tea Party coup in the GOP to tear it all down and start over. Fire everyone at RNC and start over.

Maybe if they do that and come up with new party platform that focuses on fiscal issues, constitutional issues, foreign policy issues and relegate a great deal of domestic issues especially social issues to the states I'll start listening again.


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