President now reduced to insulting twelve year old boys

Racine Post: Seventh-graders crawled through crowd to ask Obama a question: "The two 12-year-old seventh-graders got the opportunity to ask President Barack Obama a question during Wednesday's Town Hall meeting at Memorial Hall. Spencer and Gerald, trading lines, asked the president about financial aid for college students.

Obama, who had just talked at length about financial aid, took the question in stride. He first asked the students if they had spent so much time rehearsing their question that they forgot to listen to his answers. The comment drew laughs from the audience."

Really? Really Mr. President? These kids are probably very nervous and given how you drone on and on ceaselessly they probably couldn't remember your initial comments because it had been so long since you started. Plus, they're twelve. You need to spoon feed them sometimes. Instead of talking down to them and insulting them and showing just how petulant you are, you could have been more of a statesman or at least more fatherly (something you at least have some experience in) and patiently reiterated what you had said earlier.

This is an angry, petulant, impatient man. He has a very poor temperment for the job.


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