Rethinking the No Fly list

I've not mentioned the No Fly list before. Largely because it was overdiscussed and at the same time opaque. The list is secret. How you get on the list is secret and there isn't a mechanism for getting off of it. If anyone thinks this is a recipe for success I have not the inclination to discuss this with you. The idea of a No Fly list makes sense. We do know who some of the bad guys are and we should stop them before they get on planes. Government, being government, takes this simple and good idea and turns it into a bloated, bureaucratic unusable mess. So I ignored the story. What else is there to say.

Now I think I've changed my mind. I've finally found a story where the list worked perfectly.

Scared teen calls police to stop arranged marriage

She was going to be forced to marry someone she didn't want to and the only way to stop it was to call an have herself put on the No Fly list. Brilliant. I have a sinking suspicion that unless authorities keep a close eye on this girl she's going to meet with a bad end. I pray I'm wrong on that one.


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