NB: Not all actors are morons

Costner cleanup device gets high marks from BP: "It was treated as an oddball twist in the otherwise wrenching saga of the BP oil spill when Kevin Costner stepped forward to promote a device he said could work wonders in containing the spill's damage. But as Henry Fountain explains in the New York Times, the gadget in question — an oil-separating centrifuge — marks a major breakthrough in spill cleanup technology. And BP, after trial runs with the device, is ordering 32 more of the Costner-endorsed centrifuges to aid the Gulf cleanup.�"

The Right wing in this country continually derides the intelligence of most celebrities in the US largely b/c they're mostly liberals and if they're not on the Right side then clearly the must be morons. Meh. I've never been one of those. I've made fun of their dumb comments from time to time but I've tried not to throw a Blanket Of Stupid on them. Some of them are indeed, well educated. The ones who are famous who then go on to Ivy league schools don't impress me. They get in because they're famous and will probably give the school lots of money. There are a few who get in there before they're famous. That tells me they're not too dumb. (NB: it's also possible to be smart and wrong but that's another post)

In fact, I think the Right is doing themselves a disservice by deriding celebrities. Why would they want to consider themselves conservative or Republican when they're told how dumb they are?

Can we get back to calling people wrong instead of stupid? They are two different things and just because someone disagrees with you that doesn't make them dumb. Stupid, to me, is doing something you know or damn well ought to know is going to end up badly and then does after you do it anyway. Yes, I see some of you saying, "Well that's exactly why I think the other guy is stupid". Yeah, but see, it's not. It's not the same thing. Diving into water when you don't how deep it is? Stupid. Raising taxes for public funding of the arts? Not stupid. Wrong, but not stupid. (I'll agree that's at least arguable on the wrongness bit.)

So please, let's get back to wrong instead of stupid.


The problem with actors is that they like to act intellectual, but few of them actually have any qualifications to back it up. Very few actors are college graduates and a lot of them barely finished high school. But they read a lot during their down time on set, so they think they're qualified to opine about everything under the sun.
Duffy said…
"But they read a lot during their down time on set, so they think they're qualified to opine about everything under the sun."

Which is why it's hard to condemn them. My blog is pretty much me opining on all sorts of things in which I do not have a degree. Yet I post anyway.

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