Crazed Violent Redneck Racist Export Their Ideology

Tea Party clones are popping up in Russia, Israel and Holland

How can that be? The Tea Party is about hating Obama, or black people, or Mexicans or whatever. Isn't it? Or could it be, that as they've been saying all along, it's about liberty. It's about controlling the government rather than letting it control you. It's about fiscal sanity. It's about lifting the yoke of regulation and tax and bureaucracy from citizens.

It has broad appeal. International appeal because everybody wants to breathe free. Wants to be left in peace to conduct their own affairs as they wish so long as they do not harm others. I have always believed that the core defining principle of (small l) libertarianism animates most Americans. Hell, even most people.

I think people everywhere are finally seeing that enough is enough and they're getting very little return for their money.

My fear is that after the next election cycle the Tea Party will fizzle out. That the fervor will dwindle when a few of the more egregious Obama items are rolled back. That would not be good. We need that passion and focus on smaller government for a good long time. I hope I'm wrong and they keep it going for a long, long time.


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